butchering a ram.

the deed is done. after almost a year of planning, we finally butchered one of our sheep.

it’s a tough thing to do. we bottle fed Sherlock for the first 8 weeks of his life & watched him grow in the pasture up until this point. we gave him the best life a creature could have. ending that life is not an enjoyable task. but having food for our family & knowing exactly where it came from & not depending on anyone else for it, is completely worth it in my book.

he was harvested “in the field” with a quick shot to the head. we then skinned, eviscerated, and quartered the carcass. now it’s aging in the fridge.

here are a few photos of the process.



I’m extremely grateful to be able to experience & learn about such things.

also grateful for the leg of lamb in my future.

Clare, xx



welcome to the farm.

this blog has been put off for ages, yet here I am, sipping hot chocolate, avoiding laundry, listening to music, and welcoming you to our adventure.072.JPG

two and a half years ago we moved onto five acres in central Oklahoma. dad had wanted to live on a farm for a long while, and was making do with our large neighborhood backyard. finally, we began looking at houses and the rest is history.

so, here we are, two years into our farm journey and rolling with the punches.

our overall goal is to reach self-sufficiency or at least get very near it. it comes slowly, but there are encouragements along the way. for example, we recently had a bad ice storm,and lost several trees, but now we have a few extra months of firewood.

welcome to Mulberry Stained Farm.


lots of birdies, we have around 30 laying hens and an excess of roosters. plus two turkeys-a hen & a jake-and three purposeless  (that’s a word, right?)020

some goaties, who we love, but ya know, are pains in the booty. IMG_1284.JPG


hair sheep (my personal favorite).IMG_1348116.JPG

(throwing it back to April when the babies were little. now they’re bigger than their mommas!)


our handsome LGD, Zacchaeus.


& Caleb, my brother’s little herding dog.

December2014 004.JPG

& a picture of us that is a year old. oops.

hope you enjoyed this random hodge podge of photos. talk to you soon, friends!

Clare. xx.