butchering a ram.

the deed is done. after almost a year of planning, we finally butchered one of our sheep.

it’s a tough thing to do. we bottle fed Sherlock for the first 8 weeks of his life & watched him grow in the pasture up until this point. we gave him the best life a creature could have. ending that life is not an enjoyable task. but having food for our family & knowing exactly where it came from & not depending on anyone else for it, is completely worth it in my book.

he was harvested “in the field” with a quick shot to the head. we then skinned, eviscerated, and quartered the carcass. now it’s aging in the fridge.

here are a few photos of the process.



I’m extremely grateful to be able to experience & learn about such things.

also grateful for the leg of lamb in my future.

Clare, xx



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